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How to stuff multiple s into the DB??

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I'm having the worst time getting what I think should be a simple thing to work.

In the Request.Form I'm passing the values from a multiple . I'm trying to get them into an MS SQL Server 7 database. Below is the code (that doesn't work). Here's basically what I'm trying to do: (1)create a brand new recordset. (2)loop through the Request.Form collection and create a new record in the recordset for each value. (3)kick off a stored procedure to put the recordset into the database.

What does work:
* The stored procedure works.
* The values are definitely being passed in the Request.Form
* The connection object I'm using is open. In code immediately above the code I've shown here, other data is successfully being inserted into the DB via a command object using the same connection.
* SessPersonID and DbID are VBScript variables and both have valid values assigned.

*the echoing back of the data inside the loop is for debug purposes. BTW I get *nothing* in response - not even an error message. Oh, the script times out.
*I have tried rsDBKeywords.Update inside the loop and rsDBKeywords.UpdateBatch just after the loop (but not both at the same time!)

set rsDBKeywords = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
rsDBKeywords.ActiveConnection = objConnection
rsDBKeywords.Source = "exec up_scDBKeywordsAdd 'DbID'"
rsDBKeywords.CursorType = 0 'adOpenForwardOnly
rsDBKeywords.CursorLocation = 2 'on the server
rsDBKeywords.LockType = 3

Response.Write "

Keyword Record Values

Dim i
for i=1 to Response.Form("fkeywords").Count
rsDBKeywords.Fields("person_ID") = SessPersonID
rsDBKeywords.Fields("database_ID") = DbID
rsDBKeywords.Fields("keyword") = Request.Form("fKeywords")(i)

Request.Write "Person ID " & i & " = " & rsDBKeywords.Fields("person_ID") & ""
Request.Write "Database ID " & i & " = " & rsDBKeywords.Fields("database_ID") & ""
Request.Write "Keyword" & i & " = " & rsDBKeywords.Fields("keyword") & ""


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