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internal error or misconfiguration

s_kaderas_kadera Member Posts: 5
To all,

I am trying to get an email form script to work on a unix server. I got the script from the very popular Matt's Scrpit Archive. When I try to run the script I keep getting the same error:

Error 500

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

I don't have direct access to my error logs but my host company gave me the following from the logs:

"Premature end of script headers: etc.."

I have set the path to perl and path to send mail according to the host compnay's specs but the srcipt just wont work. So my quesiton is:

1) If it's not the path, what could be wrong with the scrpit?
2) If there is nothing wrong with the script then what else could be wrong?
3) How can I troubleshoot this without asking my host compnay all the time?




  • JonathanJonathan Member Posts: 2,914

    Just to check...have you put the script in the cgi-bin directory and have you CHMOD'd the script to 755 so it can be executed? Try these and they may sort it out for you...


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  • heeroyuyheeroyuy Member Posts: 125
    I usually find that internal server errors are script problems. If you didn't have permissions for the file it would say "forbidden". I would suggest, if you are very sure that the script is right, that you make sure it doesn't use any modules that the server doesn't have, considering that would be a problem.
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  • JonathanJonathan Member Posts: 2,914
    : I usually find that internal server errors are script problems.

    I think it depends on the server you are working on and/or the way it's been set up. Quite a few I've worked on say Internal Server Error if the permissions are not right, but others, like you say, give you a Forbidden message. May as well try the simple solution before delving into the code. :)


    Count downloads from your site for free!
    Oh yeah, I run a web hosting thing now too.

  • s_kaderas_kadera Member Posts: 5
    Thanks All,

    I have it working now. I think there were a couple of problems. The main one is that my host sucks. But it is my client's choice, not mine so I can't do anything about that. Anyway, it was ether the path to perl, the path to sendmail or the permissions. I was changing a number of things at once when I was troubleshooting so I probably had one thing wrong one time and somthing different the next. My host wasn't much help because I know for a fact that they gave me the wrong path to sendmail.

    Anyway, it is working now.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Shawn CarterShawn Carter Member Posts: 0

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