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A little suggestion

bikibiki Member Posts: 492
[green]I don't know how many of your users are from North America/Europe/Asia etc. Since these places use different date formats, it can becoming confusing sometimes to understand the date! For example, [red][b]2002-03-08[/b][/red] ! Thats a new format that one rarely sees! Which is the month and which is the day !!! Why not use [red][b]"2000-Mar-08"[/b][/red] instead ??[/green]


  • WEBMASTERWEBMASTER Member Posts: 549
    I am aware of the date problem , but in the message lists , I want to keep the 2002-03-08 format to save valuable space. The format is european style (the one I think should be the standard) year-month-date.

    But if you open a message you will see the date in this format "July 26, 2002 " and I think that should be understandably by everyone.


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