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Another lookup problem

compuchipcompuchip Member Posts: 273
Well, I have another problem with lists.
I have an Access database with two tables. Table one contains the options for a field in table two (let's say table one contains three records "Breakfast" "lunch" and "dinner" for the field "Meal type" in table two)
I use a TDBControlGrid to display and edit all the records in table two. With the text boxes I have no problem, you can edit the data and store it in the db without any problems. But when I try to add the TDBLookupComboBox it doesn't work. I thought I'd have to specify the List Source as table 1, but when I try to change this property it says "Operation not allowed in a DBCtrlGrid"
What do I do wrong?


  • Andre YoungAndre Young USAMember Posts: 0

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