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Newbie: Event handling in

zeppozeppo Member Posts: 8
I have just graduated to from vb6 and I am having problems with the Event handling structure.

In vb6 I could use the event below:

Private Sub Cell1_OnRowChange(ByVal oldrow As Long, ByVal newrow As Long)

In this case I could directly access oldrow and newrow directly e.g TextBox1.Text=newrow

The new definition in is thus:

Private Sub AxCell1_OnRowChange(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As AxCELLLib._DCellEvents_OnRowChangeEvent) Handles AxCell1.OnRowChange

(This appears to be the format for all events in

How do I now access oldrow and newrow using this method???

Yours with many thanks

Mark Lea


  • michaelyatesmichaelyates Member Posts: 1
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    Hi Mark

    Event handling in VB.Net goes like this:-

    sender - is the object (control) that is the event source

    e - is the event object that supplies event data

    'e' may supply no event data as in the 'Click' event
    details about button state mouse coordinates etc for
    the 'MouseDown' event.

    The event data depends upon the event type.

    Unfortunately I do not have AXCell on my computer is it
    an ActiveX or is it part of Visual Studio?

    If in the event handler you type e. that's an 'e' and a 'dot'
    a list of the members associated with the event object
    should be displayed or you can use the object browser to
    list all members associated with a particular event object.

    In the Visual Studio documentation there is a detailed info
    about event handling do a search for 'Events and Event Handlers'
    and bookmark the pages.

    Hope that helps

    Michael Yates

  • Shawn CarterShawn Carter Member Posts: 0

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