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Graphics/Flash Programmer Wanted for AWESOME Startup!

FTechIncFTechInc Member Posts: 8
Hello people!!! We are a team of entrepreneurs (theres 23 of us 1 programmer, 4 sales people, and 18 writers many of whom are published) launching a new Net corporation that will wreak havoc on the billion-dollar/year competition. We are looking for one additional programmer to take charge of front-end graphics, flash development including flash gaming, and banner creation (other programming responsibilities may arise).

Qualifications: At least 18 years of age, college graduate preferred. Must be willing to make a significant long-term time commitment! (We do not yet have funding, so this position will require you to work in your free time.) Must also be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement and submit resume and work samples prior to learning our ideas.

If you are looking to get serious, please email or AOL IM . Please send your resume and contact info as well as samples of sites youve worked on. I will respond to inquiries in a timely fashion.

Best regards everyone!,



  • FTechIncFTechInc Member Posts: 8
    OHHH and you MUST be creative and unique and original!
  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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