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To All Would Be Developers and Contractors

jkbjkb Member Posts: 11
To all would be clients,


Paul Kunicki (PK2209)
Net Nerds Worldwide
Sys Admin, Programmer
561-307-3686 (voice)
561-748-6823 (fax)

He ripped me off to the tune of $4,000 and not only abandoned the project, and me, but never provided me with any project work to even be able to finish the project with another programmer. What started out to be $1800 and 10 day time estimate turned into $4000 and over six months with him abandoning the project and virtually stealing my money and giving me nothing. I urge you to not allow this boy (24 years old) to touch anything of yours if you value your money and your peace of mind.


  • Shawn CarterShawn Carter Member Posts: 0

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