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problem in 386 assembly.

c_anandsc_anands Member Posts: 53
what is the meaning of the following?

asm volatile ( "xor %%eax,%%eax ;" "inb %%dx, %%al" : "=a" (_lsr) : "d"(base+((5)*1)) );

if is actually the macro expanation of
HAL_READ_UINT8(base+REG_lsr, _lsr);

It is a part of serial driver DSR code.While debugging I found value of base as 1016. And IMPORTANT thing is after this execution some value comes in _lsr variable there.
I am a computer graduate and understand OS issues comfortably.Please help me. I am debugging using gdb on LINUX machine.


  • Andre YoungAndre Young USAMember Posts: 0

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