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binary lock embedded into a C program (GCC)

CredoCredo Member Posts: 2
I am a total newbie with assembly and I need an atomic binary locking routine to my application. It'll be written in C and will run on a Pentium 2. I use GCC 2.9.* -compiler in Red Hat Linux. I suppose I shoul use the bts-command but thats about all I know.

The program should look something like this:

// structure for various bits
typedef struct bits{
unsigned int lock_variable : 1


BITS *some_bitfield = (BITS) malloc (...);

// call for acquiring the lock
while (acquire_lock() == -1){
write (2, "busy
", 5);

// acquire_lock -function
int acquire_lock (some_bitfield){

asm (

return i;

Thanks for any help!


  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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