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6510, 6502, and 6522

blipblip Member Posts: 756
Are 6502s and 6522s compatible with 6510s?


  • MedoMedo Member Posts: 18
    : Are 6502s and 6522s compatible with 6510s?

    As far as I know, 6502s are 100% compatible with 6510s in all legal opcodes. But they are not completely pin-compatible! The 6510 CPU has got six programmable I/O ports, and the 6502 CPU needs one more clock pin. BTW, 6510 was the C=64 CPU and the 6502 was used in the C=64 1541 floppy drives. The 6522 is the I/O chip called VIA. It is also used in the 1541. The 6526, called CIA, that is used in the C=64 is an extended version of this chip.
    You can use the 6522 together with the 6502 or 6510 without any problems, if this is your question.

  • blipblip Member Posts: 756
    Thanks, I was just wondering because my C64 has a 6510, and a busted drive with a 6502 and two 6522s.
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