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Looking for Project Manager

Position Title: Project Manager

Location: Austin, TX

ObjectSpace Fab Solutions, a developer of innovative, productivity-enhancing software products for semiconductor manufacturers worldwide, is seeking an experienced Project Manager to join its growing Austin team.

Key Responsibilities

 Project success

 Delivering quality projects within scope, schedule, and budget

 Managing project resources

 Managing client, team, and internal management expectations

 Developing project proposals

 Forecasting project resource requirements and tracking project budget

 Initiating and planning projects

 Identifying and managing change to items targeted for an iteration or release

 Working with the project team to identify, estimate, assign responsibilities for, schedule, and track the progress of tasks

 Identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating project risks

 Project closure

 Developing scope of work and developer costs for follow-on projects

 Participating in recruiting activities

 Preparing and conducting performance reviews

Required Experience

 1-5 years project management

 3-7 years technical lead

 3-7 years software development

 Integrating with automated semiconductor manufacturing systems (Manufacturing Execution System (MES), equipment automation, Advanced Process Control (APC), Statistical Process Control (SPC), yield management, production tracking, scheduling of production and/or equipment maintenance, data collection, and analysis)

Required Skills

 Managing software projects that use an object-oriented development approach

 Client and internal management communication skills

 Team facilitation and leadership skills

 Project estimation and tracking

 Addressing project risks in a timely manner

 Project initiation and closure

 Prioritizing and balancing demands of multiple projects

 Strong oral and written communication skills

 Staff motivation, supervision, reviews, and career growth

Desired Experience/Skills

 Semiconductor manufacturing

 Distributed software systems

 Software product development, deployment, and support


 Software agent systems

Personal Attributes

 Consensus builder

 Commitment to goals

 Pro-active

 Strong leadership skills


 B.S. or M.S. in computer science, engineering, or equivalent

How to Apply

E-mail your resume to


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