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linux bootup problem : file system changed

arjunsubarjunsub Member Posts: 32
I had installed Red Hat Linux some time extended dos partition wasn't being recognized by i deleted the extended dos partition...created a new one.

Linux now halts during booting. It says file system changed...and goes into file repair mode..wherein i can login as root and repair the problem.

Now, is there any way i can get the problem solved without reinstalling linux. Some people tell me to edit lilo.conf / run lilo again...running lilo again didn't help...what changes to i bring about in lilo.conf.

Help would be greatly appreciated.


  • garwaingarwain Member Posts: 297
    I don't often alter partitions, but I believe you just need to modify the /etc/fstab file and remove the line for the partition that was deleted.

    If this doesn't help, let me know and I'll try on one of my spare boxes.
    Ben Martin :-D

  • Andre YoungAndre Young USAMember Posts: 0

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