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Components Within Components

I'm having some strange behavior that I'm trying to understand/work-around.

I have create a custom component which I call 'VComboBox' (this is the linkageID). This custom component is made up of two of Flash's builtin components, the first is a simple text label, the second is the ComboBox known as 'FComboBoxSymbol'. The instance of the combo box within my custom component is named 'comboObject'.

Now on my stage when I drag an instance of this custom component from my library to the stage, and name it 'myCustomComponent'. I can use the following code:

_root.myCustomComponent.comboObject.addItem("red", 0);

Then when I run the page it works fine. The combo is populated and clicking on the arrow indeed brings down the drop-down view of the combo box. However when I try to implement this fine piece of code dynamically I run into a MUCH different story. Below is the code:

var newControlName = "control" + instanceCounter++;
_root.attachMovie("VComboBox", newControlName, depth++);
_root[newControlName].comboObject.addItem("red", 0);

Now when I run the page it indeed creates a copy of my custom component. However nothing shows up inside, whereas it would display "red" before. And when I click on the arrow to drop the list down, nothing happens except for turning the entire combo box grey.

What gives? How could I make this work? I despirately need my components to work so that a database can dynamically create the needed fields to collect the data that it requires.

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