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Seeking talented software developers

PRAJA, Inc., an innovator in immersive sports and

entertainment software for the Internet, is breaking

new ground in enhanced reality by allowing places and

events to be experienced in real time from multiple

points of view.


*BSCS, or equivalent

*2+ yrs Java programming

*Experience with C/C++ and integration with Java

*2+ yrs internet/network applications development

*Windows NT/98/95 development

*Self starter, working well independently and in a



*1 yr GUI design/implementation with Java

*1 yr OODBMS/Database design

*Image processing experience

*2D/3D computer graphics knowledge

*VRML modeling

*Familiarity with video framegrabbers/capture hardware

and other sensors


Evaluate and implement audio/video codecs for Java

based clients and C++ based servers, participating in

the maintenance of a Java based client-side API for

application development, and engage in discussions

concerning the architecture and application of PRAJA's


PRAJA offers a challenging and rewarding environment

with competitive benefits and compensation plans.

Please submit resumes to:


Attn: A.Rukamp

6835 Flanders Dr.

Suite 500

San Diego, CA 92121

Fax: 619-452-1536




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