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deveoper 2000

prasanth_33prasanth_33 Member Posts: 11
can any body please tell me how to make an single exe of the different connected forms in developer 2000. i mean just as a single exe without going to developer and running it


  • HenkaHenka Member Posts: 1
    You can't make an exe. You have to install Forms runtime (ifrun60.EXE) and *.fmx, *.mmx, *.rep and *.plx files. You have to set registry (FORMS60_PATH,REPORTS60_PATH ...). You can pack your files with Oracle File Packager (OISFP10.EXE) if you have this file. It will create *.prd file which is used by Oracle Installer and installation of your product will look like Oracle installation. You can also use Oracle Software Packager which is available on

    I hope this will help you.


  • Andre YoungAndre Young USAMember Posts: 0

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