connecting to MsAccess and Query in website ?

I'll try to make this quick:

I'm building a estimating website where businesses register and a business email address(along with other info) is gathered by a form and inserted into an msaccess database. This I can do w/ Frontpage and the database wizards easily, I suppose. Next, when a user selects certain companies to ask a bid from they select checkboxes and when form is submitted it goes into a text csv file. This file contains the unique id's for each company selected on the form. What I need to do is query the access database using the company id gathered by the form and match it the corresponding company id in the access database and get the email addresses of the companies selected. Then once having company email addresses I need to send an email to companies choosen thus sending the users service request to each company he/she selected. My problem is that I'm fairly new to connecting to databases..etc and don't know what language to use... ASP, javascript ..etc As soon as the users submits the request all the above should happen immediately in one process in the background. What the best lang. to interface to my access database and to write a query (SQL) to get the emails address for each company selected ? any help would be great..just need general direction... I have connect to my database using straight java2 (jdbc-odbc driver) but don't know how to incorporate this into my page. I think using ASP or javascript...though ASP seems to be mentioned more with database connections ? any help is greatly appreciated !!!!!!


  • Well, if you want to look on some good tutorials and code snipplets, you can do it at for example.

    Actually any Server-side scripting language gives you database operations. All depends on your hosting provider. Check first if they allow you to use ASP, PHP, Perl, whatever on your site. Then you can pick your language :)

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