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TI calcs (and Macs)

blipblip Posts: 756Member
Hi all. I'm pretty good at Z80 asm programming (I think...) and I'm learning 68k programming. Me and my bro want to write lots of software (such as games) for the calculators and eventually see if we can create a network over FM radio in an unused band. This will be used to allow our friends and others to be able to chat, read, and stuff like that. I know this seems far-fetched, but we'll have _*ALL*_ summer to do it. Anyway, I hope I can write two versions: a Z80 version for 73s to 86s and a 68k version for 89s and up. I've already written a compatibility macro for the Z80s that will allow it to access its variables, etc. no matter which calc it's running on, whether it's running in TI-OS or an asm shell, and where it is in memory. Also, the macro will let you use it in another device using a Z80, but some versions of it use the index registers and those aren't in cheap Z80 clones for Game Goys 'n stuff.

BTW: I have a 68030 in a Mac (it says MC68030RL16B) and I just want to know everything that specific CPU can do. Ex. Can it do protected mode? If so, how do I program it and how does it work?


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