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Perl + C Programming => Synchronize a web site with your palm

drastdrast Member Posts: 1
Hi, I want to do the following and I need some guiding to be able to do that.
I want to use Perl to parse some web site, and extract some information and then synchronize this information with a palm program everytime I hotsync my palm. How can I do that?
I mean, except the palm programming and perl programming, how can I synchronize, what should I do about that.
I have written a very simple Palm program, but I don't know how this synchronization thing work?
Do you know any good web site, or a document for this task.


  • RajagopalRajagopal Member Posts: 1
    Hello ,go to
    Download avantgo palm client and follow the procedure they say.

    Another option(Vindigo palm client).

    All the Best.

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