Got a problem whit my internet on linux red hat 7.2!!

I have problem whit connecting to my adsl on linux!
I think it is my netvork card that dosent work..(smc ez card 10/100 (smc1211tx)) do you install it in linux? i can give you some information if you need it: my proxy is: proxys that shell not be used as proxys is and
when i try to log in to the it says: can not be bla bla.....
any help would be great!! i really need it!



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    First thing I would try would be to ping an IP address
    ping #programmersheaven

    if the ping receives replies then the problem is with your dns settings

    Also, you might want to try ifconfig to see what your network settings are for eth0 or whatever ethernet connection is with your DSL modem.

    Ben Martin :-D

  • I will try....thx!
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