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What's an NPC?

Dr. COM WIZDr. COM WIZ Member Posts: 74
Hello World!
This is Dr. COM WIZ. I was reading a QBasic tutorial that discussed Pixel-by-Pixel scrolling and thought it was pretty interesting. I understood everything until I reached the 20%-point. That's when they started to mention terms like NPC. It's not likt they would tell you the abbreviation and then tell you what it! I serached the whole site and all I saw were stuff like "This game has moving NPC's, download it!" or "The NPCs aren't so great."

My question: What the heck (pardon the language) is an NPC? Does anyone besides everyone besides me know (try to follow [italic]that[/itlaic] sentence)?

The site, by the way, is

This has been,
PS Thank you and goodnight!


  • kissmyasmkissmyasm Member Posts: 38
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