Operating Systems & Platforms

  • Bash scripts

    Bash scripts discussion here!
  • Cloud Computing

    Discussions about cloud computing. Post questions, ideas and share how you use cloud computing.
  • Embedded / RTOS

  • FreeBSD

  • LINUX programming

    This board has several members who are experienced with Linux, and are happy to help the experianced and beginners alike. For support issues, please use the Linux Support board.
  • MS-DOS

    This is the forum for MSDOS questions.
  • Shell scripting

    Shell scripting discussion in here!
  • Windows CE & Pocket PC

  • Windows programming

    We have many highly skilled programmers that are willing to assist with coding issues, assumeing there not homework... :) And a vast middle ground of people with varried levels of experience all willing to help. There are also those of us that just hang bits of code together & then celebrate if our computer doesn't explode when we run them.
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